Watch Disruption Now

The UN Climate Summit is convening in NYC Sept 23rd. The Greatest March in Human history is planned and being staged Step 21st.

To understand how to engage watch this movie.


The movie Disruption puts it all in perspective. It is time to act. On the streets in NYC or at home. March and take the next step. Begin working towards a net zero existence immediately!

We would like to echo the sentiment about the importance of showing up and being accounted for and taking action regarding our local and global climate crisis.

We recommend those with in Climate Colorado’s reach who have the time, money and desire to attend the Great March in NYC during the UN Climate Summit. DISRUPTION is a great and inspiring expose about statements made in mass making a difference.

We will not be riding the train, busing or attending the events in NYC. Instead, we will be here in Colorado grinding it out on the ground working to affect the things we can and accepting the things we can not change.

We want to thank for its fortuitous and monumental efforts to organize, and motivate a million or more to march. We will be there in spirit and heart marching along side them.

We pray and hope the marchers’ efforts move world leaders to set the standards strong and low enough to make the difference to put a hard stop and check in place to halt the march of human generated airborne pollution and carbon emissions by burning FOSSILS AS FUELS to energize us.

Moreover, we send a heartfelt message to whomever has the power to reach the world leaders demanding they grow a backbone to take another step by agreeing  to put in place global compliance laws that would penalize and put those breaking the laws out of business until they make the changes to adhere to these new standards. One without the other is meaningless.

Again THANK YOU and everyone heading to NYC next week.

—Bob Castellino and the Climate Colorado Team