A biochemist on a mission to fight climate change, one coal plant at a time

By Kristina Puga   |  November 12, 2014  |   from Wiser With Age


Leslie Glustrom recently turned 60, but she’s no where near finished working on her life’s mission to fight climate change.

Throughout her career, Glustrom has been a science writer, teacher, and worked on public lands issues in Arizona in the 1990’s. Ten years ago, she left her job as a biochemistry researcher at Colorado University to devote herself full-time to educating her Boulder community about the dangers of coal-fired power plants – which accounts for approximately 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

This Saturday, she will be speaking at the Colorado Climate Summit to help inspire people across the country to make a difference in their environment.

“We need as citizens to understand our end of the meter,” says Glustrom. “We are going to talk about how people can work with their local governments to keep the pressure on the utilities to move beyond fossil fuels and move towards the solar era.”