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The Convenient Truth

Renewables are Good for Business, People
and the Environment ... Right Now.

We answer the call,
“What can I do to solve the climate crisis?”

Climate Colorado focuses on bringing people together to solve local energy, waste, water, food supply, sustainable community and education issues. We have developed a dynamic process applying the rapid prototyping entrepreneurial process to social, economic and environmental problems. Through Climate Challenge events solutions, actions, teams and plans are written to implement in one day. Our team of professionally trained rapid prototyping specialists and consultants are the back bone of our event process. To track and demonstrate accountability we are developing a virtual geo-spatial map for any one to access as a resource to see what has been accomplished and how to get it done. Climate Colorado’s annual Colorado Climate Summit brings the best solutions to the table from around the state to replicate and scale to accelerate our efforts and actions.

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OUR VISION:  Climate Colorado approaches the global climate crisis a local problem that we can solve together.

OUR MISSION: To centralize and strategically focus all of Colorado’s renewable energy efforts while tracking and promoting accomplishments city-by-city, county-by-county and district-by-district across the entire state towards our specific goals.

OUR GOAL:  Climate Colorado’s ambitious but attainable goal is to switch to safe, clean and renewable energy resources and programs to make our state “Net Zero” by 2020.

There are a lot of folks and organizations doing tremendous work on climate change and making a real difference. But all seem to be going in different directions, working on varied goals for specific issues and problems without continuity or collaboration. Having discussed this concern with many of these independent organizations, each agree our approach would accelerate the potential for success to meet the crucial goals we need to reach by 2020.

The Climate Colorado’s primary campaign will implement a step-by-step program with goals and objectives to help individuals and businesses move to renewable energy. It will support the effort with a series of programs all aimed at increasing awareness, education and access to the resources we already have to make this all possible. The first goal of Climate Colorado is to work with all climate and environmental organizations to eliminate the inefficiency of overlap and duplicate efforts.


Connect the Switch 2020 Community

Create a network for collaboration and promotion of all climate and environmental organizations (NGO’s) to eliminate the inefficiency of overlap and duplicate efforts to set good actors in place in each city and county across the state to move the needle to net zero.

2nd Annual Climate Summit - Sept 18th—20th, 2015

Bring key Colorado stakeholders together, including citizens, city council/mayors/managers, county commissioners, NGO’s, and business leaders with the objective to reate a blue print and master plan to solve our climate crisis by 2020. Event: September 18-20, 20015 in Boulder.

The Switch 2020 Contract

Develop a compelling, practical and rewarding plan and virtual commitment to be signed by home owners, businesses and municipal operations. A focused, measurable and doable contract to inspire participation across the state.


Introduce and produce strategic education programs about Climate Change in Colorado to train new leaders to solve the problems. The programs: Climate Change is Elementary for K-8 and The Net Zero Impact Case Study Competition for High School and College Age Students.


Create a network of 10 representatives in 10 cities and counties by year end. Prototype the Small Home Mobile Colorado Energy Bank featuring real tools and resources to engage people, businesses and local government across the state to in Switch 2020.

Documentary & eBook

Produce the “Solving Colorado’s Climate Crisis” documentary & eBook to raise awareness about historic and contemporary the luminaries and projects that are true acts and models for a Sustainable Net Zero Colorado.

Mapping Results

Develop an Online Portal on our web site with a digital map that tracks who, where and what is being accomplished to achieve the Switch to Net Zero in Colorado, in order to inspire more participation.


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 Colorado Climate Summit

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